The expressive artwork, Dalliance from emerging artist Dusica Pejic allows clients to indulge in a room full of texture and explosion. The artwork carefully placed within the bedroom design by steininger.designers showcases expression of her art voice, depending on the applied technique, with paste-like layers of colour and matter, imprint, amorphous shapes, chrome colour contrasted into clear graphical setting; Dusica, lavishes gesture, releases metaphysical perspective, frames observation of the controlled case of the art performance. Her motive is visible in the semantics sign; it gives a suggestion of what preceded the painting and has been defined after its meaning.Dusica’s artworks are part of the collection of Wiener Stadtische, private collection of Gorenje company (Serbia), collection of Deneza M Engineering (Serbia), Italian embassy, Norwegian embassy, Mladenovac Culture Centre, Kalo Gallery (Albania), Ministry of Culture and Information, as well as other private collections in the country and abroad.